Expert-Grup & Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (Moldovan Hub)

Expert-Grup & Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (Moldovan Hub)



Expert-Grup is a think-tank specialized in research and analysis of economic and social public policies. We are politically and ideologically neutral and we do not represent any economic, corporate or political interests. Expert-Grup was established in 1998 and started its research activity in 2006.


Our mission is to empower citizens, firms, media and policymakers to become active agents of inclusive and sustainable development in their country, through independent analyses and consulting, evidence-based policies and community mobilization. To accomplish our mission, Expert-Grup pursues 3 strategic priorities:

1. We provide independent research, consultancy and analytical insights about major economic and social issues that would help society to become more resilient and inclusive.

2. We empower communities, media and firms to hold the central and local governments accountable and deliver proper public and private services and goods for the population.

3. We aim to become a resource of expertise for local CSOs.



Our core activities are economic analysis and forecasts, as well as research and consultancy in public policies. We offer a wide range of analytical products and services, helping our beneficiaries to make decisions that will set Moldova on a sustainable development path. Our key competence lies in the ability to provide professional, high-quality and objective research and professional consultancy in such broad fields as:

  • Investment environment
  • Macroeconomic analyses and forecasts
  • Financial stability
  • Banking sector
  • Political economy
  • Public finance
  • Human development and poverty reduction
  • Foreign trade
  • Financial markets
  • The economy of European integration
  • Economic analysis by sectors
  • Regional and local economic development
  • Energy and economy of the environment
  • Labour market and consumer behaviour

The Expert-Grup’s main products are:

MACRO Conference – an annual event bringing together domestic and international policy experts and thinkers with the key purpose of discussing and advancing innovative ideas to support Moldova along its way of economic development and modernization. Traditionally, at the MACRO Conference, we launch our main annual publication ”State of the Country Report” – a comprehensive radiography of the country’s economic and social situation

MEGA – Moldova Economic Growth Analysis – a biannual publication that provides a comprehensive assessment about the dynamic of governance and reforms in the Republic of Moldova related to the budgetary framework. 

On behalf of the educational institution, the Moldavian Hub represents the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

The mission of the university is to create and transfer knowledge by:

a) support for the development of students and researchers in the field of economics and administrative sciences, as well as in other social and humanitarian branches;
b) advanced research through high-quality curricula in all cycles and in all forms of university and postgraduate training;
c) generation of advanced knowledge;
d) training and lifelong learning of adults.

 Based on values ​​and respecting the institutional tradition developed over decades by those who have consecrated it at home and abroad, the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova seeks to become a reference university for Central Europe.

The main anti-corruption project in cooperation with Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova: Anticorruption Certification Academic Course in Moldova. 

The project scope is to increase the level of information, awareness and capacities of young professionals and decision-makers about the phenomenon of corruption and measures to diminish corruption risks and consequences in all economic sectors, by means of an academic certification course integrated into the curriculum of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova and open to young professionals from the public sector, financial sector and board members of the state-owned enterprises.


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