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The Eurasian Academic Anti-Сorruption Network is an international network of anti-corruption hubs that was established in 2020 to unite the efforts of the international community in anti-corruption education and research. Currently, the network includes such countries as Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan. The network plans to expand and include more interested countries in its ranks.

The uniqueness and peculiarity of the Network is the large number of international experts from different countries who are involved in educational programs and research in the field of anti-corruption.

The network is not one organization with an exhaustive amount of resources, but an association of a large number of experts from different countries who are ready to share their experience and disseminate anti-corruption knowledge for those who are interested in obtaining relevant, verified and high-quality information.

The main products of the Network are anti-corruption education tailored to the specifics of each country, international and local research, as well as many opportunities for experts who want to join the organization and for all those who want to gain quality knowledge in the field of anti-corruption.

Main fields of work:

  • education and knowledge sharing;
  • networking and engaging experts;
  • popularization of anti-corruption education;
  • anti-corruption research.

Our Strategic Goals:

  • building a strong anti-corruption Network in the post-Soviet region;
  • popularizing anti-corruption education in the post-Soviet space;
  • implementing interdisciplinary educational programs internationally;
  • knowledge sharing and professionalizing the experts in anti-corruption;
  • contributing to efficient anti-corruption policies by anti-corruption research.

National Hubs of the Network

Ukrainian National Hub; Georgian National Hub; Armenian National Hub; Moldovan National Hub; Kyrgyz National Hub.

Members of the Network




The contacts of the Network and the national hubs are available – here.


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