Anti-Corruption Research and Educational Centre & National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (Ukrainian Hub)

Anti-Corruption Research and Educational Centre & National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (Ukrainian Hub)

Anti-Corruption Research and Educational Centre


Anti-Corruption Research and Educational Centre is a research and educational centre. The Centre is a registered CSO which was founded in 2016 by representatives of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy; Anti-Corruption Action Centre; ТІ Ukraine; Kyiv- Mohyla Foundation in the U.S. In 2017, ACREC introduced the first interdisciplinary anti-corruption educational program “Anti-Corruption Studies” in Ukraine, which was created to comprehensively study corruption as a socio-legal phenomenon and ways to prevent it. Theorists and practitioners in the field of anti-corruption from Ukraine, the Netherlands and Germany are invited to give lectures. Currently, the 4th set of students is undergoing training. The success of the ACREC Certificate Program also allowed our Center to launch the first in Ukraine master’s program “Anti-Corruption Studies” in 2019 on the basis of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, which for the second year in a row provides professional and systemic knowledge on anti-corruption to future experts and specialists. In addition, ACREC has experience in mentoring support within the project “Capacity Building of Regional / Local Anti-Corruption NGOs in Ukraine” (2019-2021), in which our Center provides comprehensive expert support aimed at institutional development of the 20 best NGOs in the field of anti-corruption in regions of Ukraine. Last but not least, ACREC is a model for the region within the Eurasian Academic Anti-Corruption Network, which ACREC initiated in 2019. The network brought together representatives of the anti-corruption community based on the most powerful universities and NGOs in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan, which by 2020 have already introduced the first anti-corruption education programs similar to ACREC educational products.


ACREC was established in order to train and assist a new generation of anti-corruption analysts and experts. It brings together Ukrainian and foreign scholars, post-graduate students, junior researchers and practitioners in the field of preventing and combating corruption.

Currently, one of the strongest desires of ACREC is to spread systemic anti-corruption education in the regions of Ukraine, gaining much more coverage among the target audience (including young people and young experts) who will become future agents of change in the field of anti-corruption.


Since its creation ACREC’s objectives are the following: (1) forming a new school of anti-corruption scholarship and analysis in Ukraine; (2) providing agents of change with tools as well as theoretical and practical knowledge for their professional development; (3) becoming a communication platform for agents of change. in the area of anti-corruption across the post-Soviet region. ACREC was established as a civil society organization.

ACREC has a strong partnership with the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) Ukraine’s foremost institution of higher education.

About National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy:

National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (NaUKMA) is a classic university that creates preserves and spreads knowledge in the natural, social, humanitarian and technical sciences. Kyiv-Mohyla Academy represents a community that forms nationally-conscious, honest, caring, creative personalities, who are able to think independently and act responsibly in accordance with the universal principles of Good and Justice, for the development of an open and democratic society.

NaUKMA is the leader in innovation that actively influences the future of Ukraine and its society. The Academy organically combines scientific activity, educational process and the acquisition of practical skills of the highest quality. Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is a prestigious, internationally-recognized by the world academic community research university.



Mentoring Support Program “Capacity-Strengthening of Local Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Ukraine” (2019-2021)

In the autumn of 2019, Anti-Corruption Research and Education Centre of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (ACREC NaUKMA) launched a unique project of Mentoring Support for Non-Corruption Organizations in the Regions of Ukraine entitled “Capacity-Strengthening of Local Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Ukraine”.

The key objective of this program is to strengthen the development of institutional, organizational, analytical and expert capacities of regional and local anti-corruption NGOs in Ukraine.

The project selected the 20 most promising NGOs in the field of anti-corruption from cities such as Lviv, Drohobych, Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Poltava, Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Chernihiv, Kremenchuk, Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Nikopol, Sumy, Ukrainka, Khmilnyk, and Kyiv (city-level).

According to the program, cooperation and mentoring of regional NGOs is carried out within three key areas:

1. Mentoring: development of instructions for the general work of the organization, weekly counseling (telephone, Skype, meetings); assistance in the preparation of policy documents, drafts and procedures for working with local governments. We will also help address the specific needs of NGOs to increase their expertise and organize necessary training.

2. Training: passing the Anti-Corruption Interdisciplinary Studies Certification Program and the “Anti-Corruption Studies” master’s program to increase the professionalism and efficiency of their activity.

3. Networking: meetings with local, regional and national anti-corruption NGOs and anti-corruption experts to increase participating organisations’ impact and build new relationships to advocate change.

The main result of the project should be to strengthen and achieve a higher level of development of the organizational and professional potential of the participating organizations, which will have a positive effect on the implementation of anti-corruption reforms, alongside strengthening the rule of law and good governance at the local level in Ukraine.

Master’s Program Anti-Corruption Studies is a unique master’s program dedicated to the comprehensive study of corruption as a socio-legal phenomenon and ways to prevent it. The program is designed for students, representatives of anti-corruption bodies, public sector activists, deputies’ assistants, government officials, journalists, lawyers and other professionals who wish to improve their skills in this field. The program consists of 42 courses which are taught over the course of two years /The Master Program is funded by USAID, Open Society Foundations, and MATRA Program/ Innovative technologies are used in the educational process. Students take part in lectures and seminars, colloquiums and role-playing games, modelling investigative activities. NABU detectives, investigating judges, partners of leading law firms, as well as foreign experts are involved in teaching. Among the 25 students currently enrolled in the program (first and second academic year) 7 are currently working in various anti-corruption NGOs and 5 are working in governmental bodies. The rest are either working in an international organization, a private sector or are young professionals planning to work in anti-corruption.

Certificate program “Anti-Corruption Interdisciplinary Studies” is a comprehensive interdisciplinary one-year non-degree professional certificate program. It is dedicated to the impact of corruption on all the state-building processes as well as to the most effective ways of preventing corruption. It was launched in 2017. It consists of four compulsory and eight selective practically-oriented courses. Top theorists and practitioners in the field of combating corruption from Ukraine, the Netherlands and Germany have been invited to teach a range of courses. The program is highly recommended for representatives of anti-corruption bodies, activists from the public sector, MPs’ assistants, government officials, journalists, lawyers, academics and university students seeking expertise in this field. During the years more than 100 participants have successfully graduated the program. Approximately half of them are representatives of anti-corruption NGOs or are somehow involved in their work, 25% are representatives of governmental bodies (anti-corruption organs, ministries etc.) and the rest are lawyers, representatives of private law firms, doctorate students and other students interested in pursuing a career in anti-corruption. Among our graduates are: Viktoria Kozachenko, Anton Marchuk, Taisa Gaida, Svitlana Musiyaka, Tetiana Khutor, Olga Ryabukha, Artur Karvatsky, Anastasia Myroshnychenko etc. This year’s program is focused on developing the capacity of regional NGOs and from 38 students enrolled in this program 30 are members of region level anti-corruption NGOs in Ukraine.

‘Edutainment’ project “Anti-Corruption Walks Kyiv”
Anti-Corruption Walks Kyiv is an innovative educational tool in the form of interactive city guided tours. The Anti-Corruption Project was created to inform civil society about mechanisms of corruption with a focus on specific ways and tools to prevent them in the future, as well as the activities and successes of state bodies, non-governmental organizations and anti-corruption activists in Ukraine. The key objective of the project is to increase the level of political education and to create a zero tolerance of citizens for corruption. In our work, we aim to inspire tour participants with positive success stories that will contribute to a gradual change in the discourse of corruption in Ukraine. Equally important is encouraging citizens to engage in civic activism and volunteer work in the field of preventing corruption in our country. We do this through anti-corruption tours of the cities, which last from 1 to 2 hours on the favorite routes of residents and visitors of the capital. Each route includes from 4 to 7 stations linked to various locations related to the demonstration cases of corruption and anti-corruption. In addition to the informative component, tours, role-playing games, contests and prizes are a must-see.

The main goals of projects:
● Informing citizens and guests of Ukraine on the topic of corruption (sites of
corruption) and anti-corruption (sites of hope);
● Learning to use modern practices, mechanisms and tools for preventing and
combating corruption;
● Generate motivation to fight corruption individually and encourage positive changes
in public discourse regarding corruption in Ukraine.

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